4609549808The idea of opening and closing the garage door with a push a button on an easy to use remote control can be very attractive, especially when you are dealing with a large sized garage door with a single or double width and with a one piece up and over mechanism type. You really have to be a professional to open garage doors that are pretty old and can even be a little tricky when they close in a fast speed while slamming on the bottom to their fixed closing position. We have been automating garage doors for a really long time and during this period we have learned a lot from our experience that it is not a simple job to automate a garage door that is old. You have to bring a lot of factors into consideration while making such garage doors automated to be operated by a remote control by the installation of an electric operator. Garage door repair streamwood, IL.

You also have to think about all the critical upgrades that are a must for the operating gear system as well that also include geometry work. With the huge advancement in technology and various manufacturing process, installation of a new garage door has become a matter of seconds but we never recommend wasting a perfectly functioning garage door just for the sake of automation because if it works right, it can be automated too. As long as the spring and gearing arrangements on an old one piece garage door are not prehistoric, it is possible to automate any sort of garage door. You should keep in mind that an electric operator will not be effective enough or sometimes wouldn’t work at all if the garage door to be automated is fitted badly or has worn out.Source: Garage Door Repair in Evanston, IL.

The balance of the garage door is a very important factor that ensures a smooth automatic function. It is also very important that the safety features of the electric operator to be installed are good enough to stop the door when there is something in the way or reverse it to save the garage door from any kind of damage. Make sure that the electric operator that you are going to get installed is CE compliant and makes sure that the garage door is completely balanced because the reversible safety cannot get wrong readings when a heavy or in some cases sticky spot can stop the operation. In such scenarios, you will have a remote control and an automated door that will stop every time you use the automated feature and the purpose of automation will not serve any gains. In a lot of roller garage doors the legislations are clearer that include a safety sensor at the bottom that can stop the garage door at any point when it is closing. If you are looking for a garage door repair company that will be able to fix your broken garage door opener, or cables, you can count on a local company from Glenview, IL.

Avoid all of the electric operators that do not offer auto reverse feature. The garage doors are supposed to reverse back in case of a contact with an object whether it is closing or opening.


A lot of garage door manufacturers usually have a variety of garage door systems and all of these systems require unique specifications. During a construction of a garage, these specifications required for the perfect installation of garage door are ignored that cause a lot of problems and alterations for the later installation. If all of the factors that contribute in a smooth installation are considered during the construction of a garage, for example, size and design specifications, then a lot of cost and time can be saved. We have personally experienced that a lot of time the garage doors that we deliver are undersize or oversize for the installation in cases when the owner of the house did not bother considering the specifications for the garage doors as well as the size of car that was going to be parked in the garage. Garage door repair in new lenox il.

Size of the Garage Door
Size of the garage doors are usually a main cause of conflict among the clients and the architects. It is the most important thing that should be considered before ordering the garage door. In general scenario, the architects are responsible for keeping different factors in mind like what kind of car does their clients prefer and drive? How much space will their cars and other accessories will require in the garage? How much width, depth and length of the garage will be suitable for the client, and keeping all this information in mind they are supposed to answer the question that what type of garage door will better serve their client’s needs. In a lot of scenarios, where we were requested to install a specific garage door, although all the specifications for the garage doors were met by the garage, we had to deliver the bad news to our clients that their car will not fit in the garage.

Garage Door Automation
Garage door automation with the of a remote control electric operator is a very popular trend these days especially in scenarios where the garage door sizes are large and that makes it difficult to impossible to operate them manually. It is important to consider all the factors that revolved around the installation of an electric operator and the related accessories like power supply and control switches etc. There are a lot of control systems that all easy control of the automated garage door such as remote controls, key switches, keypads, and card readers and in some cases high-tech fingerprint scanners.

Another factor like local planning and conservation area restrictions can highly influence the design, material and size of the garage door to be installed and should be considered beforehand. Garage floor levels should also be brought into consideration because an uneven floor can make the installation of a new garage door very difficult. Some spaces and gaps can also be left out in such scenarios that will allow dirt, leaves and rain water to enter the garage through them.

rollerThere a lot of different options available in the market when it comes to choosing a roller garage door. That is why, when you are looking forward to making a purchase, you are supposed to do your homework and learn about all different types of roller garage doors that come with different features, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs, instead of ending up with one that starts causing problems.

There are two major types of roller garage doors that are differentiated on the basis of material being used. One is single skin continuous steel curtain roller door and the other is a double skinned aluminum roller door. If insulation and security is not your major concern then you can go with the basic type that is the single skin steel roller door. Smaller ones of this type of roller steel door does not require automation and can easily be used manually while if you are looking forward to a bigger size then you would have to get it automated for the sake of better usability. Source: Garage Door Repair in Homer Glen, IL.

Aluminum roller garage doors are built from aluminum slates with a foam filled center that roll into a comparatively smaller size and provide high insulation too. Besides being a good insulator of heat and sounds, aluminum roller garage doors are also very quiet, can be automated to be operated electrically, and offer a lot better security level as compared to steel roller garage doors. These garage doors, although available in manual operations too, can easily be automated because of their light weight. Garage door repair Plainfield, IL.

When you are looking forward to picking one out of many options, you are supposed to figure out which option suits you the best. In this case, things like usability, size, weight and customization factors are taken into consideration according to the individual demand. Availability of a lot of options in the market and for the products that look exactly the same can be a headache when it comes to picking out the best. Besides considering the features you also have to take in account the internal components and quality they offer. Wanting to buy a cheaper option might seem attractive but you will not want to go through the headache of constant repair and maintenance of the cheap operating parts that will come along a cheap price. The operating parts of a roller garage doors are supposed to be reliable because failure of a single part can cause the malfunction of the whole machine.

If you are looking forward to purchasing an aluminum garage door with a good strength and durability, look for the ones that are built with German manufactured slats. German manufacturers are the most experienced ones in the market and they know their manufacturing. It always pays off to look for a manufacturer with more than 5 years of manufacturing experience in the market. This rule not only does apply for garage door but every product that your purchase. Garage door repair in glenview, il.

Most of the electric garage operators do not provide sufficient security with their basic features. When you talk about up and over garage door and sectional or side hinged doors, the security level provided by these garage doors entirely depends on the operators which with the help of an electric motor hold the door panel down. There is always a gap between the door and its sub frame through which a tool can easily be passed to override the release. As soon as the release is set free the door opens without making any noise or damage and anyone can enter into the garage. Doing the same thing with an old up and over garage door springs,  door panel can be tricky because of the rolling mechanism that doesn’t all a person to apply force or weight on the bottom of the panel to open the door by breaking the towing arm.


The most reliable and secure operator that has ever been manufactured in the UK is the Hormann Promatic and Supramatic series 3. This electric operator features a 128 but encryption for the remote control that makes the operating transmission very secure and very hard to breach. The best thing about this electric operator is the patented steel hook devices that are built-in as a standard. These steel hook devices firmly hold the door panel and lets you sleep in peace thinking the garage door is firmly closed and cannot be opened with any amount of force.

Another great device that can ensure maximum security of your garage door is the de latching mechanism. Professional service in Bartlett, IL. Garage Door Repair Bartlett, IL. De latching mechanism is a very simple yet effective device that is best suitable for one piece up and over garage doors that come along with a retractable operating gear and a slam latch locking system that are usually the most sold garage doors in the UK. There are two locking points that are present on the bottom left and right hand corners of the panel of the manual retractable up and over garage doors. These locks tend to slam and then lock automatically, when the door is manually closed, that locks the handle for more security. This mechanism is actually a device which that utilizes the motion of the towing arm attached to the electric operator that helps it pull a device with a loaded spring around the handle which further pulls open the latches right before the motor begins to pull the garage door panel open and it reverses the engaged latches the way they normally are when the door is closed manually. The de latch mechanism effectively ensure that the points on the door to be locked that can be just one on the top to three in total and makes sure that the garage door is really secured. Source: http://garagedoorsrepairgrayslake.com/