Are Remote Control Electric Operators Secure Enough

Most of the electric garage operators do not provide sufficient security with their basic features. When you talk about up and over garage door and sectional or side hinged doors, the security level provided by these garage doors entirely depends on the operators which with the help of an electric motor hold the door panel down. There is always a gap between the door and its sub frame through which a tool can easily be passed to override the release. As soon as the release is set free the door opens without making any noise or damage and anyone can enter into the garage. Doing the same thing with an old up and over garage door springs,  door panel can be tricky because of the rolling mechanism that doesn’t all a person to apply force or weight on the bottom of the panel to open the door by breaking the towing arm.


The most reliable and secure operator that has ever been manufactured in the UK is the Hormann Promatic and Supramatic series 3. This electric operator features a 128 but encryption for the remote control that makes the operating transmission very secure and very hard to breach. The best thing about this electric operator is the patented steel hook devices that are built-in as a standard. These steel hook devices firmly hold the door panel and lets you sleep in peace thinking the garage door is firmly closed and cannot be opened with any amount of force.

Another great device that can ensure maximum security of your garage door is the de latching mechanism. Professional service in Bartlett, IL. Garage Door Repair Bartlett, IL. De latching mechanism is a very simple yet effective device that is best suitable for one piece up and over garage doors that come along with a retractable operating gear and a slam latch locking system that are usually the most sold garage doors in the UK. There are two locking points that are present on the bottom left and right hand corners of the panel of the manual retractable up and over garage doors. These locks tend to slam and then lock automatically, when the door is manually closed, that locks the handle for more security. This mechanism is actually a device which that utilizes the motion of the towing arm attached to the electric operator that helps it pull a device with a loaded spring around the handle which further pulls open the latches right before the motor begins to pull the garage door panel open and it reverses the engaged latches the way they normally are when the door is closed manually. The de latch mechanism effectively ensure that the points on the door to be locked that can be just one on the top to three in total and makes sure that the garage door is really secured. Source: